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Michelin in France

Michelin in France

In France, Michelin has 16 industrial sites, 3 tertiary sites and 1 research center. France, Michelin's historic cradle, is the company's economic and technological heart. Overview of the 20 French sites and their specificities.


Sites in France

Whether it is an industrial, tertiary or logistical site.


Michelin's Creation

Created in 1889, Michelin was founded by Edouard and André Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, the city where the company's headquarters are still located today.

Where can you find us ?

Montagny's site

90 employees

The Montagny site is planning construction, installation and support for equipment upgrades at Michelin industrial sites.

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Currently no job opportunities available in Montagny's site .


Avallon Site

530 employees

The Avallon site houses the company Pneu Laurent, European leader in multi-brand tyre retreading.

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Currently no job opportunities available in Avallon Site .


Bourges Site

1 job opportunities 640 employees

Specialized in aircraft tires since 2007, the Bourges site is the Group's global radial tire competence center.

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Happy Trainees

happy trainees
happy trainees
In 2018, Michelin won first place in the "Happy Trainnees" ranking. In the category of more than 500 trainees and alternates, Michelin leads the ranking with a satisfaction rate of nearly 95%. Michelin, the company preferred by trainees and alternates.

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