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Jobs in supply chain & logistic

The right product, in the right place, on the agreed date and in the quantity requested. Here, in summary, is the mission of supply chain teams. In parallel, logistics specialists organize the storage and transport of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products nationally and internationally. Their complementary actions concern all the services of the company and guarantee the respect of their engagements.

Various jobs for unique path


Logistics Engineer

Elizabeth Hayes
Engineering Center of Excellence

I am responsible for managing the evolution of the distribution network for Michelin North America. I lead network projects from design to implementation with the objective of providing expected service level to the customer while optimizing logistics costs. 

Career path
Career Path
Logistics Engineer
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During my Day I...

gain first-hand experience of warehouse operations


determine best overall recommendation through cost/benefit analysis of scenarios


meet with stakeholders for successful project implementations

Career path

The main jobs in supply chain & logistic

Increasingly complex, production and marketing processes require synchronized control of supplies. Beyond the sole management of flows, these businesses constantly question the received ideas and create strong cooperation with all partners in the chain in a spirit of shared competitive advantage.


Logistics Quality Manager

Guarantees the quality of products delivered by Logistics and Processes contributing to Quality for a logistics area

Logistics Operations Manager

Responsible for optimizing the administration of logistic management functions for raw materials as well as finished products
Responsible for all or most of the inventory control, warehousing, transportation and distribution tasks