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Michelin, 1st employer

The French employees approve as a large majority Michelin as the best employer

Michelin has been elected : « company the most attractive in France » by the panel YouGov BrandIndex.


What French salaries like: an international company, innovative and opened. This title is awarding Jean-Dominique SENARD and his teams, who took an important turn in the Michelin history: a strong commitment on the societal and environmental responsibility of the company.

Womens have ranked Michelin in the 7th position above particularly some big luxuries brands. These encouraging results are the consequences of efforts and ambitions to develop the diversity in every level of the company. 

About young people from 18 to 34 years old. They position the French company at the 13th place. This results show the willingness of the group to attract young talents.

Michelin, elected first employer in United-States

Beside the Atlantic Ocean, it's the American magazine, Forbes which audited the salaries of the companies in partnership with Statista studies Institute and indicated Michelin as best employer of the United-States in 2018. In 2017, the Michelin group was ranked 34th and it's the first time that a foreign company becomes the leader of this ranking with a grade of 9,9 out of 10.


A mutual engagement between employer and employees

Michelin owes its success to it singularly politic toward its staff. First, the support of salaries along the way inside the company permitted to build to them based on their explications and their performances. This carrier management, which is permitted by the 400 carrier's managers inside the group, is accompanied by a personalized plan organized during the employee's path.   Indeed, Michelin is wearing a big interest in management quality; the goal is to create proximity and trust between the manager and the collaborator, and all of this in order to empower and encourage the development of all. 

These ranking reward the company on some engagements of the group and particularly the willingness to place the Human in the heart's company, as precise the companies president.

Jean-Dominique Senard 

Your blooming and your commitment are at the heart of our concerns and at the heart of the performance of the company.

Jean-Dominique SENARD