Discover Adventure with Blind Applying

Get ready to pack your bags – with Blind Applying, your next internship at Michelin is sure to take you to new and interesting lands. Don’t know about Blind Applying? It’s a new way for Michelin to choose talent from around the world. But there’s a twist: When you send your candidacy, you won’t know which position you’re applying for or where it will be located. Feel nervous about the unknown? It’s all part of the fun!

When you start your search for an internship through the Blind Applying process, you can feel confident that you’ll be working with the best of the best. The project only includes top employers – like Michelin – and you can be sure that your desired field will be on the list. And with numerous countries participating around the world, you can expect your adventure to take you to a new and exciting place.

But why did Michelin decide to sign on to Blind Applying? 

We wanted to demonstrate Michelin’s attractiveness and show that at Michelin, young people can participate in interesting internships around the world. It’s a good way of targeting the students and young people we could foresee ourselves working with in the future.

Stéphane Gégout, Michelin employer brand manager

Once you’ve been accepted for an internship, rest assured that you’ll be looked after in your new, temporary home. Michelin will take care of your travel and living costs so you can truly concentrate on your work.

Sound like something you’d like to do? First you’ll need a top-notch CV , so make sure it’s perfect. Then, head online to sign up. You won’t need to upload any special cover letters or letters of recommendation. “That’s one of the benefits of this process,” says Gégout. “It’s relatively easy for people to sign up and to connect students with companies.”

While you’re waiting to hear about your status, check out these accounts from former participants to learn more about this unique internship experience:

So, are you ready for adventure?

Here’s more information to get you started: