French people see Michelin as a useful company

But in the eyes of the French, what makes a company "useful to society"? Most importantly, it is a company that creates jobs, of course (84% of the responses), but also a company that advances innovation and creates social cohesion (37%).

The Holy Grail: a combination of image AND utility

The logical outcome of this line of thought is a dual ranking system for companies that "have a good image" AND "are seen as useful". The top 5 places, in this case, go to Michelin, Leroy-Merlin, Leclerc, Airbus and Peugeot: all groups known to be user-centric, close to their customer base, genuine and firmly rooted in the local community.


Survey of 1,164 people representative of the French workforce (quota method) from 12 to 16 July 2016.