Michelin and Motorsport – a winning combination

For over a century Michelin have been honing the critical relationship between top-level motorsports teams and the manufacturer they choose to supply their tyres.

We pride ourselves on helping dedicated professionals reach their optimum level of performance each time they turn the ignition.

Michelin’s continuing commitment to innovation has pushed the boundaries of performance time and again.

Pascal Couasnon, Director, Michelin Motorsport: “Using motorsport as a laboratory to develop new technologies is a big driving force for us. It’s one of the reasons for our involvement in racing, on four and two wheels.”

This year sees Michelin’s return to the MotoGP arena coincide with new technical regulations that dictate the use of 17-inch wheels. That’s an important step for the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship and was a huge challenge for us as we prepared for our comeback to the series.After a development period lasting more than 18 months, however, the 2015 world champion Jorge Lorenzo not only won the 2016 season’s opener in Qatar, but he also established a new track record for Losail. The previous record had stood since Michelin’s last involvement in MotoGP in 2008!

World class drivers and riders have a unique relationship with their tyres because they know that they can play such a decisive role in the way events unfold.

The fact that Jorge Lorenzo – the reigning world champion - kissed his Michelin tyre immediately after winning the opening round of the 2016 MotoGP World Championship in Qatar in March speaks volumes for how important motorsport’s superstars consider tyres to be.

Michelin’s relationship with its partners in motorsport is founded on several factors, beginning with the development of competitive tyres which deliver high performance combined with strength and all-important consistency, both over time and from one tyre to another.

Michelin is naturally very proud of the relationships it has developed with the teams and competitors in most of the world’s major competitions, as well as with the promoters of these events and championships.

Indeed, it would be hard not to be proud of our unique records in the World Rally Championship (23 Drivers’ and 25 Manufacturers’ crowns*), in MotoGP, to which it has returned this season after a seven-year break with 26 titles and 360 wins* to its name, and at Le Mans (24 victories since 1923 and unbeaten since 1998*) and in endurance racing in general (four world titles from four since the creation of the FIA World Endurance Championship*), along with punishing events like the Dakar (32 bike wins, 18 car wins*), not to mention the success it has enjoyed in Formula 1 over the years.

The list goes on, on two and four wheels alike.

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