Women's major role in our recruitment


We might think that the world of industry holds little appeal for women, but the Michelin Group is proof to the contrary. Just look at the figures:

Over the last 3 years, more than 37% of the Group's annual recruitment intake are women!

We want to show that women have a role to play in industry. At Michelin, the career opportunities are equivalent in every type of industry sector and line of business.

Read first-hand accounts by women in various professions within the Group:

Fabienne, account executive => https://youtu.be/JDXLhdItxTs

Chonnikan, industrial engineer => https://youtu.be/caFqg_y702A

Estelle, racing tire designer => https://youtu.be/0bYNkeYtXF4

Barbara, operational marketing officer => https://youtu.be/FdoV2C0tmqo