Take a look at your workspace at Michelin

From our production plants to our office buildings, and from Clermont-Ferrand to Shanghai, Michelin stands out for its collaborative approach to modernizing workspaces. We want you to experience the latest and best in tomorrow's new ways of working.

Innovation and empowerment are among the Michelin Group's core priorities.

To achieve our ambitions, we attach ongoing importance to our employees' well-being and engagement, and the quality of life we provide for them all over the world. This means forging more ties, developing richer relationships, creating the conditions that inspire people, unleash their energy, foster new ideas and encourage unexpected collaborations so that the office becomes a place where people live and interact.

Recognized for our innovations in technology, we are determined to stay ahead of the curve in testing new working methods too, to give you an "employee experience" that is unique, modern, attractive and empowering.

To do this, we frequently create avant-garde work environments: offbeat, contemporary spaces that create a sense of well-being and make more room for collective intelligence, creativity and casual interaction.

From our production plants to our office buildings, and from Clermont-Ferrand to Shanghai or Moscow, we have a distinctively collaborative approach to modernizing workspaces: Michelin teams try out different forms of workspace, location, environment, indoor or outdoor, which they co-construct.

We want you to experience the latest and best in tomorrow's new ways of working.

A glimpse of workspaces in the Michelin Group...

Creativity rooms for tackling issues from a different angle

From Central Office to the country sites, creativity rooms are designed with the look and feel of a private home to put people at ease. These areas have draw-on wall spaces for giving free rein to the interplay of ideas. Furnished with colorful contemporary-designer furniture and decorated with a vintage touch, they create a casual, relaxed atmosphere around sofas, armchairs and coffee tables to encourage an exchange of ideas. Meetings are not like they used to be: now people speak openly and dare to ask questions, there is real dialog and trust, and decision-making is easier. The setting encourages people to look at issues and projects from a different, more creative angle and draw on collective intelligence.

Quiet spaces

Comfortably nestled in soundproofed sofas, employees can leave behind their everyday environment and take a break, read, focus, read the daily press, have a hushed conversation or even organize an informal meeting with an unobstructed view over the Les Carmes campus in Clermont-Ferrand. Perched in a walkway from a central building, this space is sometimes used as a venue for futurology talks, giving listeners a helicopter view of the disruptive ideas presented to them. Our recruitment teams have even started using this area for their discussions with job applicants.

Areas set aside for joint endeavors

Cooperation, co-construction, co-innovation... today joint endeavors and cross-company teams are commonplace in the company. Our teams are connected, multidisciplinary, multi-project and open to the outside world - and they have designed a collaborative area that fits their goals and the way they work.

Inside spacious, luminous, colorful open-space areas, each team decides on the location that would work best and be most engaging for the team members and for carrying out the project.

Caster-mounted furniture allows for a very modular layout. Floor-to-ceiling draw-on walls enclose team spaces and give team members ample room for expressing their creativity.

This modern environment would not be complete without a coffee corner, where team members can feel free to chat with colleagues over a cup of tea or coffee.

Self-managed rest and recreation rooms

There are more and more initiatives in production plants to rethink rest and recreation rooms.

In the United Kingdom, the company has been testing a novel concept for several months now, where three rest rooms have been designed like the interior of a private home, under the responsibility of the employees. This relaxation area is equipped with colorful sofas, comfortable armchairs, a television, local newspapers, the employees' pick of magazines (the annual subscription is paid by the company), Wi-Fi hotspots and a modern kitchen. Everything is designed to give employees a complete change of setting while they take a break or have lunch, without leaving their workplace, and lift their well-being, their enjoyment and their openness to the outside world.

Gyms open to employees' families

At the Zalau plant in Romania, a gym has been set up on the site so that our employees can keep fit.

On certain days of the week, the gym is also open to employees' children.

This new area meets demand from our staff and is managed directly by the employees themselves, giving them a greater say and responsibility in workspace management.

Outdoor meetings: the sky's the limit

In Clermont-Ferrand, which enjoys above-average levels of sunshine, there is a growing trend towards outdoor meetings at tables and benches installed in the grounds. No more meetings cooped up inside: employees file outside for some fresh air and fresh ideas in a leafy setting, with background noise provided by the stream that crosses the campus. They carry out whatever equipment they need, flipchart and whiteboards, and discuss, make decisions and think big!
And Michelin does not intend to stop there! It is looking into ways to continue modernizing its work environments and take the initiative even further: the Urbalad project, to imagine tomorrow's innovation, areas for relaxing and socializing, teleworking, war rooms and collaborative units.

Modernisation and innovation

But that’s just the beginning – Michelin is constantly looking to modernize its workspaces and offer innovative solutions to your on-the-job needs. In our Urbalad building project, employees themselves were invited to think and design their future workspaces.

Many other projects are tested out: had a stressful day or need to chat casually with a colleague? Head to our comfortable and cozy “Creative Rooms.” Or perhaps you need to hash out an idea with a colleague or supervisor without disturbing the entire office. Our “War Rooms” are the perfect place to brainstorm and collaborate.
With so many options available at Michelin, you’re sure to find the workspace that suits you. Just have a look at out our offices picture gallery below.

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