Working in the supply chain and logistics at Michelin

Our supply chain teams design and implement management processes to supply our customers with the right product at the right place, on the agreed date and in the quantity requested. This entails working in conjunction with all Michelin departments. At the same time, our logistics team members organize the storage and shipping of our raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, nationally and internationally.


Logistics Operations Manager
at Michelin

I've been with Michelin for 14 years, mostly in Logistics.

The international side is a big part of my job: for instance, I helped develop the business in Eastern Europe when I joined the zone Logistics Department in Budapest.

After that, when I returned to the head Logistics Department in Europe, I handled the quality system and the ISO 9001 certification of all of our sites. This gave me a better understanding of the logistics processes as whole and a vision of all of our operations in Europe.

My career path with Michelin :

  • Quality Manager, Logistics
    Guarantees the quality of products delivered by Logistics, and processes that contribute to Quality for zone logistics.
  • Logistics Operation Manager
    Responsible for optimizing the administration of logistics management functions for both raw materials and finished products. Responsible for some or all of the following: inventory control, warehousing, transportation and distribution.