Working in internal audit and finance at Michelin

Internal audit helps Michelin control its risks by studying our processes and suggesting solutions to improve our working methods. At the same time, the finance and management control professions ensure the Group's sustainable growth and financial health.


Business Financial Controller

I joined the Group 12 years ago after spending 10 years in the various Finance professions. Michelin gave me the opportunity to cover a broad spectrum of my profession through three totally complementary jobs. Financial Controller for the Europe Zone, with a role focused on budget management;

Financial Director of Michelin France, to develop the "Corporate" aspects and work on the new accounting organizations; and Financial Director of the Passenger Car and Light Truck business in Europe, at the very heart of the business and operations. It's a motivating career, and one that also gives me a chance to be of service to all the "Financial" people through training and network management.

My career path with Michelin :

  • Business Partner Controller
    Guarantees fulfilment of the entity’s economic objectives. Belongs to the entity’s Management Team. Reports to a line and a transverse manager (position held by a Senior Business Partner Controller).
  • Company Finance Director
    Applies Group policy in accounting, tax and financial matters. Guarantees compliance with applicable regulations and the protection of Group interests