Working in manufacturing at Michelin

From Michelin's offices to its workshops, our manufacturing teams' role is to provide customers with the products they need. These operators manage the synthetic rubber, compounds, fabrics, metallic products, molds and numerous other articles without which we couldn't manufacture our tires.


Production Unit Manager
under his responsability

Since entering Michelin five years ago to do my end-of-course internship, I've had an extremely rich and exciting career in production management. I began as Leader of a team of 30 production workers in the plant in Toul, in the Lorraine region. Just over a year later, I took up a position as Shop Manager in Brittany. I was managing a multidisciplinary team with 80 people in all under my responsibility. I stayed there for two and a half years, then went to Germany as an expat for the position I've now held for six months. I'm responsible for a production unit with 110 workers. It's like having a small factory to manage... at the age of 28!

Each position has taught me something, both professionally and on a personal level. What I like most about production management jobs is the contact with people, the teamwork and the constant striving for operational excellence.

My career path with Michelin :

  • Production Line Manager
    Manages the day-to-day activities of a team of production workers to ensure that manufacturing operations run according to established production specifications and schedules in terms of volume, cost, and wastage targets and quality standards.
  • Production Manager
    Directs and monitors all production activities within an assigned area to maximize the use of the organization’s resources while meeting production volume and cost specifications.