Working in quality at Michelin

At Michelin, we make a point of honor of guaranteeing the quality of our products for our customers. This is why our quality teams oversee the entire manufacturing chain. From the technician to the manager, our team members factor in customer feedback, identify opportunities for improvement and set up control systems at each step of the manufacturing process.


Demand to cash quality manager Central Europe

My role at Michelin is to proactively identify demand-to-cash risks (the process between the initial request from customers and their final invoice) and initiate corrective and preventative action plans. For this, I take part in internal and external group audits.
I enjoy this cross-disciplinary work, as well as interacting with people from different cultures who work in the various departments. This gives me an overall view of the sales and marketing activities and I'm kept up-to-speed with all new projects. I really pleased to be an integral part of a dynamic department, with highly-qualified colleagues, from whom I always find any support I need.
Last year was very successful for me, as we reached the target that has been set for us. It was an extremely ambitious target - among the highest in Europe. Quality is always everyone's responsibility!

My career path with Michelin :

  • Quality Assurance Manager
    Responsible for the overall quality control aspects of raw materials, in-process and finished products. Sets quality standards and ensure compliance.