5 tips to look professional on social media

Most candidates are already active on different social networks, so it’s really easy to see how they care about their social image.

Stefania Alina Ciucu, a recruitment Specialist for Central and Southern Europe at Michelin

So here’s how you can protect your privacy and present a professional profile online:

  1. Check what’s already out thereSearch your name on Google (including images) to review the results that come up - in case anything that may be considered unprofessional pops up. If it’s from your own social media accounts, you can remove it. Otherwise ask the content uploader to remove it.
  2. Master your privacy settings on social media. Your Facebook posts might win you ‘likes’ among your friends but they might be a ‘turn-off’ to recruiters. Most platforms allow their users to monitor how their content is displayed: on Facebook for instance, you can do a Privacy Checkup.
  3. Keep your professional profiles updated. Be sure to share your latest professional experience and educational achievements, be it on LinkedIn or another professional network.
  4. Choose your profile picture wisely. On professional networks, keep it simple. Select a simple portrait photo; be dressed as you would be in a work environment. And a smile never hurts!
  5. Engage and share with your network. Show your passion for your future profession by sharing interesting links. As Stefania reminds, "the perfect candidate is always connected with their network."