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Michelin in France

Michelin in France

In France, Michelin has 16 industrial sites, 3 tertiary sites and 1 research center. France, Michelin's historic cradle, is the company's economic and technological heart. Overview of the 20 French sites and their specificities.
20 Sites in France

Whether industrial, tertiary or logistics sites.

1889 Michelin was founded

by Edouard and André Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand.

Where can you find us ?


Avallon's site

3 job opportunities 530 employees

The Avallon site houses the company Pneu Laurent, European leader in multi-brand tyre retreading.

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Tours' site

220 employees

The Tours site manufactures semi-finished products and rubber articles such as calendered fabrics, membranes and trim tabs.

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Currently no job opportunities available in Tours' site .

Photo Cholet

Cholet's site

5 job opportunities 1 350 employees

Site located in a dynamic area, the commitment of its staff to serve its customers and the future of the site is particularly illustrated in its customer satisfaction rate.

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Site Golbey

Golbey's site

5 job opportunities 450 employees

The Golbey plant is mainly intended to manufacture the wires and rods used for the production of tires.

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Vannes' site

460 employees

The Vannes site designs metal reinforcements to form the "skeletons" of truck and passenger car tires.

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Currently no job opportunities available in Vannes' site .


Troyes' Site

6 job opportunities 1 000 employees

The Troyes plant aims to produce agricultural tires and mixtures. It is also the logistics center for agricultural tires.

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Roanne Site

4 job opportunities 810 employees

The Roanne site is positioned on the market for the manufacture of Ultra High Performance automotive tires.

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Boulogne-Billancourt Site

300 employees

The Boulogne-Billancourt site brings together the Michelin Travel Partner entity, which deals with user mobility experiences (Maps & Guides and ViaMichelin).

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Currently no job opportunities available in Boulogne-Billancourt Site .


Montceau les Mines Site

7 job opportunities 1 250 employees

The Montceau les Mines plant has two activities: the manufacture of Civil Engineering tires (quarries, public works sites and ports) and a mixing activity.

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Bourges Site

3 job opportunities 640 employees

The Bourges site is the global center of competence for radial tires and is specialized in aircraft tires since 2007,

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Chantemerle's site

420 employees

The Chantemerle site is the largest European distribution center and is based in Clermont-Ferrand.

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Currently no job opportunities available in Chantemerle's site .


Bassens' site

7 job opportunities 400 employees

The Bassens site is a petrochemical site for the manufacture of synthetic elastomers necessary to the manufacture of tires.

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Combaude's site

4 job opportunities 700 employees

The Combaude site is an industrial site located in Clermont-Ferrand which manufactures curing molds and textile reinforcements for the other factories of the Group.

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Photo Cataroux

Cataroux's site

6 job opportunities 2 500 employees

Cataroux is a site which handles multiple activities. It combines the Group's memory, innovation and agility in customer service. The Michelin Adventure, a museum dedicated to the history of Michelin, is located on this site.

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Photo Site Les Carmes

Carmes' site

22 job opportunities 3 700 employees

The Carmes site is home to the headquarters of the Michelin Group, a CAC40 company which has been established in Clermont-Ferrand for almost 130 years.

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Ladoux's site

8 job opportunities 3 400 employees

The Ladoux site is the Group's European Research Center. This site brings together half of the Group's R&D teams and stands out as a unique place of innovation.

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Brézet's site

1 job opportunities 1 100 employees

The Brézet site is the headquarters of the France-Benelux Sales Department.

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Le Puy en Velay

Le Puy-en-Velay's site

2 job opportunities 650 employees

The Puy-en-Velay plant produces Civil Engineering tires (mines, quarries, public works sites and ports) from 300 kg to 1.5 tonnes destined to the whole world.

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Montagny's site

90 employees

The Montagny site is planning construction, installation and support for equipment upgrades at Michelin industrial sites.

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Currently no job opportunities available in Montagny's site .

Happy Trainees

happy trainees
happy trainees
happy trainees
In 2018, Michelin won first place in the "Happy Trainnees" ranking. In the category of more than 500 trainees and alternates, Michelin leads the ranking with a satisfaction rate of nearly 95%. Michelin, the company preferred by trainees and alternates.

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