Work-linked trainings & internships

Work-linked trainings and internships = a gateway to professional integration

Michelin, favourite company of trainees and work-study student

Become an intern or work-study student within the Michelin Group and take advantage of the opportunity we offer to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.Michelin has been awarded the HappyIndex®/Trainees 2023 France label for the eighth time in the "Companies hosting more than 500 interns and work-study students" category, with a rating of 4.32/5. This ranking rewards the excellence of the welcome and support provided to interns and work-study students. 94.4% of our interns and work-study students recommend Michelin as an employer. In particular, our interns and alternates appreciate: the interest of their assignments, the quality of their management, the development of their people and the pride they take in working for the Group.

Boost your potential with us!

Within a professional training contract or an apprenticeship contract, work-study training allows you to follow a recognised diploma course and to gain significant experience within an industrial company.

We have always seen work-linked training as a bridge between training and professional integration for young people. This is why, on June 28, 2011, we signed the Work-Study Charter and thus confirmed our commitment to this approach.

At Michelin, you can take part in work-study training in a number of business areas. From purchasing to human resources, via quality, prevention or management control, we make sure that your mission is consistent with your training and your level of education.


For your work-study period at Michelin, you sign a work contract lasting from 1 to 3 years and join the group as a full-fledged employee. An apprenticeship master or tutor will accompany and guide you throughout your assignment.

Your training costs are covered by the company and you receive a salary that corresponds to your level of study and is higher than the minimum wage set by law. You benefit from the same social protection as any employee throughout your apprenticeship or professionalization.

If your training site is far from your place of work, you will also receive compensation


Are you looking for an internship? Whatever your field of expertise and level of study, we welcome you during your training to offer you an enriching professional experience.

Each year we offer a wide range of internship assignments and opportunities to discover the group's businesses. Industry, marketing and sales, design office, research and development, audit, etc. Choose the sector of activity that suits you, develop your talent and begin your career at Michelin.


We consider interns as employees in search of knowledge and know-how. When you arrive, you are integrated into our teams as a full-fledged member of the company.

As an intern at Michelin :

You work in an international environment.

You carry out your own mission in a team of a human scale.

You benefit from personalised support.

You already have a foot in the company to seize career opportunities.

During your assignment, you can receive an internship and accommodation allowance based on the length of your internship, your degree and your level of study.