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Jobs in maintenance

The high level of quality of Michelin products requires a rigorous maintenance of the performance of all the tools of the production process. Demanding versatility and responsiveness, these maintenance missions, carried out with motivated teams in a high-tech environment, engage in ambitious challenges.


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Machine Operator - Training Mentor

I help them learn and understand...

I am currently working in the Training Department as a mentor. My responsibility is to assist in the training of new hires that are assigned to work on the production machines. Over the course of several weeks I help them learn and understand the basics of tire building including our company’s expectations regarding safety and quality. After they are assigned to a crew and an individual trainer it becomes my responsibility to help assess their progress towards the goal of certification.

Career path
Career Path
Machine Operator

To help the plant meet its production goal and customer commitment I would run the tire building machine, which takes components from another shop to start building the tire.

Training Mentor

My goal is to help new hires assigned to the tire building machine become competent in its operation.

Our employees The highlights
My job

Helping new hires learn the basics of the building through observation, teaching, discussion, and hands-on experience.


Interaction and discussion with new hires and/or their individual trainers once they have been assigned to a crew in order to monitor their progression towards competency.


Find ways to help assist production operators overcome small obstacles in order to achieve their daily production goal.

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Machine Operator

My goal is to build the carcass of the tire while ensuring rigorous safety and quality standards are followed.
Pam , Machine Operator
Pam Chavis

I currently work in Confection Finishing on the tire building machine operator (PAP) building earthmover tires. This particular machine combines materials from another department to start building the sidewall of the tire.

Pam Chavis
Pam Chavis


Machine Operator

Job offers in maintenance


The main jobs in the field of maintenance

Data processing, mechanics, pneumatics, the jobs in maintenance relate to very numerous technologies. Adapted to the requirements of each site, the teams follow regular trainings in order to assimilate the technological evolutions and to establish programs of renewal of machines park.


Maintenance sector manager

Ensures availability and durability at the optimum cost of equipment in his sector. Achieves the goals of quantity, quality, cost, time and safety of men. Pilot the application of the maintenance plan and the standardization of the production equipment.

Technical Activity Manager

Ensures that operators are provided with compliant production equipment. Supervise the establishment and reception of new equipment. Guarantees reliable operation of all site systems. Supervise the functioning of the teams of the curative and preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Engineer

Makes reliable, perpetuates equipment according to the defined maintenance strategy (economic optimum). Technically assist the maintenance sector (s). Guarantees the quality of process maintenance for these areas. Train operators and maintenance staff in techniques and methods.

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