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A mutual commitment

"Moving forward together, the mark of mutual commitment". This approach clearly reflects the Group's position, which has always made people's development, fulfillment and commitment one of its main factors of progress.

Moving forward together
Michelin is convinced that the Company's performance and the professional success of each of its members go hand in hand. Launched in 2011, the "Moving Forward" approach reaffirms the values ​​that drive the Group, presents its commitments and those that the Group expects from each of its employees.
Une équipe autonome
Les équipes de production sont incitées à être plus autonomes, pour mieux répondre aux problématiques qu’elles ont à gérer et qu'elles deviennent plus efficaces et impliquées.
Nos Engagements
Management autonome de la performance et du progrès
Le management autonome de la performance et du progrès responsabilise les opérateurs. Ils sont habilités à résoudre leurs problèmes dans le cadre d’une gestion des responsabilités partagée.
  • Nos Engagements

"Moving Forward Together: Your Opinion to Act"

Respect for people is a historic value of the Group. It means that your development, your fulfillment and your commitment are at the heart of our concerns and at the heart of the Company's performance.

Conducted annually since 2013, this survey, conducted with all Michelin employees, is designed to measure the commitment of Group employees and to collect their feelings about their well-being at work.

Deployed across the Group, the study was attended by 91% of employees in 2017, for an engagement rate of 80%. Michelin has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving and maintaining an employee engagement rate of 85% by 2020.

The pride of belonging to the Group, the importance of the quality of MICHELIN products and services, the primary concern for the safety of people and confidence in the future are points of excellence revealed by the study.

The sharing of results is an opportunity to engage in dialogue, to reflect together on concrete actions that are then put in place, at the level of the team, the site, the country and the Group. The study is renewed annually

The pillars of our commitment

A personalized professional career that fits in the long term 

What Michelin is committed to:

•   Facilitate the choices and orientations of everyone in the Group with visible paths

•   Accompany each career path with a dedicated career manager

•   Give everyone the means to realize their potential Staff commitment


What our employees are committed to:

•   Devote one's talent to the company and advance one's level of professionalism

•   Being autonomous and responsible for their evolution

•   Seize development opportunities through job, job or location changes

400 development partners

they support teams around the world to support everyone in their development and projects

A learning organized at each stage of the course

Michelin's commitment:

•   Offer an integration internship to each newcomer

•   Build an Individual Training Plan every time you take a job

•   Regularly update the Individual Training Plan Staff commitment

•   Consider training and tutoring as a business investment

•   Be proactive and acquire new skills

•   Engage fully in the training and development opportunities offered by the company

more than 4000 people

are trained each day at Group level

Quality of management

A management of proximity and trust that empowers and develops each one

Michelin commitment:

•   Propose a management method that is in line with the Group's values, available, responsive and fulfilling its commitments

•   Facilitating the achievement of everyone's objectives, in particular through management that empowers, sets clear objectives, supports the process and helps identify ways of progress

•   Accompany managers with training and assess their competence Staff commitment

•   Practice the values ​​of the Group and assume the responsibilities entrusted by the manager

•   Contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the team

•   Develop a relationship of trust and transparency with his manager

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