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Some students choose to combine training and work experience throughout their studies by doing a co-operative program at Michelin. Join them on a professional development contract or an apprenticeship contract, and take advantage of this springboard to employment.

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Co-op programs: a gateway to employment

A co-operative program is a great way to do a recognized diploma course at the same time as you gain meaningful work experience in a manufacturing company, under either a professional development contract or an apprenticeship contract.
We have always seen co-op programs as a gateway between training and employment for young people. This is why, on June 28, 2011, we signed the Charte de l'Alternance, a charter on co-op programs, confirming our commitment to the work/study format.
At Michelin, you can do a co-op program in a wide range of professions. From purchasing to HR and from quality to safety or management control, we make sure your project or job role is consistent with your training and your level of studies.

Practical support on a day-to-day basis


For your co-op program at Michelin, you sign a one to three-year employment contract and join the Group as a fully-fledged employee. A supervisor or tutor guides and supports you throughout your program.
The company pays the cost of your training and pays you compensation corresponding to your level of studies, and higher than the statutory minimum wage. Throughout your apprenticeship or professional development period, you have the same social security cover as any other employee.
If your training facility is a long way from your place of work, you are also paid a travel allowance.


Caroline, marketing assistant on a co-op program

Michelin is a group that gives us real projects and responsibilities during our co-op program. I had more maturity and self-confidence after these first few months in the company.

Caroline, marketing assistant on a co-op program

many annual events to exchange

Our team members and campus managers go to meet prospective applicants to talk about their passions, their career paths and the wide range of professions they exercise. Take one of this opportunities each year to come and talk to them about your plans at job fairs, career expos and events.
We are also present in your establishments and organize events at our partner schools and universities .
To be sure you don't miss any of our calendar dates, follow our news and join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

One-click access to our offers for co-op programs

To take your first steps at Michelin or find out more about the programs currently on offer, see our online co-op programs . Read our handy tips for preparing your application, from resumes to job interviews and building your e-reputation.

Gauthier,  junior buyer on a co-op program

I was given real projects to work on that were genuinely useful for the organization, not just jobs to keep interns busy. I really feel like I'm part of the team and I appreciate the diversity of cultures in the Group.

Gauthier, junior buyer on a co-op program
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Your first day

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