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Many and varied recruitments

8000 recruitments

More than 8,000 people recruited per year

180 nationalities


30% of women

Ambition 2020, 30% of managers will be women

The key stages of recruitment at Michelin

Based on meetings and exchanges, our recruitment process allows each candidate to interact with managers and employees so that he can properly evaluate his position and thus anticipate his career within the company.

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Welcome on-board

We have designed an on-boarding process that facilitates the discovery of the Company and build a network. First welcomed by a representative of the company and his manager who accompany him in his first steps in the company, each new employee benefits from an individual program that includes a field visit.


Integration program

Integration, training and professional development of all the employees are fundamental levers for the success of our company.

Thus, all employees benefit from various training opportunities.

Depending on the level of responsibility, each manager or employee will attend either a 1 - 3 day training course.

Its objectives are:

• During the first working days, new employees pass the module "Welcome to Michelin" to get acquainted with the company and colleagues and to receive an individual training program

• The integration manager and line manager accompany first steps of employee in the company 

• A specialized training course is provided for production and sales staff 

• During the first year in the company employees take part in an integration seminar. The content and duration of the seminar can be from 1 day to 3 weeks depending on the level of the position 

Every employee plays a key role in Michelin integration process!

Integration process for employees

Hire date - Welcome day!

This day is a time for exchanges and sharing that aims at discovering the company and creating the professional network with the new employees.

Field internship / Discovery of tyre manufacturing

All new employees take part in a visit to a plant to discover how to make a tyre.
The objective of this is to get to know the different stages of tyre manufacturing.

Factory/Commerce Discovery

Participation in the integration seminar during the first year of work in company. The content and duration of the workshop (from 1 day to 3 weeks) depends on the level of the position.

Integration seminar in France

Depending on their level of responsibility, manager or employee can participate a 3-week session at the group's headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand.

Une intégration personnalisée

Discover more

Sales training center Greenville - Working Environment

All our job domains

There are multiple fields of activities, and especially multiple jobs.


Our recruitment tips

The good way to pass your hiring interview and get the job of your dreams! Before, after, during the interview ...

Movin On - Working Environment


The variety of locations of our factories and countries of presence, the different cultural traditions of our employees and the variety of positions-all this allows us to improve our jobs and the process of work itself.

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The diversity of our company produces different encounters and missions, so during the trial period every new employee has a unique experience, and the best thing is to let them have the floor.

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